Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Clark ...and a little update

So here he is...just Clark. Don't mind the washcloth under his face - a little preventative measure to preserve the outfit should he decide to spit up. He didn't even flinch at my evil flash, so he was out cold at the time.

He is now up to a whopping 4lb 14 oz....just shy of the 5lb mark! We are so pleased. Emma hit 5lbs last night and Kendall is up to 5lb 3oz today, so they are all still working hard to get a little chubbier.

We are still waiting to hear if and when they are coming home and if they will all be coming home together. We are still sort of expecting that Kendall and Emma are coming home either Thur or Fri, but hope to know for sure by tomorrow.

We are busy getting last minute things done around the house and even had dinner out last night as sort of our last "date night" before we have to worry about making arrangements for the kids when we go out. It was nice to be out and at a quiet restaurant and, of course, we still ended up talking about the babies. Funny how things change.

Check back tomorrow sometime to see what we find out. If you don't mind, please pray that we will be able to bring all three home at once. We are really concerned about having to leave little Clark behind and hope that it won't be necessary.

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