Thursday, February 21, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, it doesn't look like they will be home tomorrow (Friday) as we were told yesterday. Hopefully we will get definitive information tomorrow. As of this afternoon, we will be able to bring them all home together on Saturday, but Clark will need to come home on a monitor. We will have to get "training" on the monitor tomorrow afternoon and there is a chance that we will have to room in again (with just Clark in order to get used to the equipment). Again, all this is sort of up in the air at the moment. We are confused and frustrated and hope that things will look better tomorrow. But we are still happy that it isn't too much longer until they come home.
I'll post again tomorrow once we find out something definite about their discharge situation. Again, please pray that they will come home quickly and without any monitors. We are hopeful that Clark's brady issues will resolve themselves quickly so this will all be a non-issue. Thanks.

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Dee Witt said...

Kim & Troy,
I am so happy for you guys. The babies are beautiful!! I will keep all 5 of you in my prayers. I hope all get to come home today & you have a happy homecoming.