Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Everyone's Coming Home FRIDAY...or Thursday!!!!

Well, the (sort of) verdict is in. All three will be coming home TOGETHER and WITHOUT ANY MONITORS!!!! We just aren't sure if it will be tomorrow (Thurs) or Friday. They said to plan on Friday and if they can get all of the paperwork done by tomorrow then it will be a pleasant surprise.
We are headed to the hospital this evening for another dreaded rooming-in session, but it will be with all three, so it's worth it. They will also have their first chance at co-bedding (all three in one crib) this evening and we are hopeful that it will go well.
We are SO excited that they will be home with us in just a day or two! Tomorrow is picture day at the hospital. Clark also passed the "fit" test for a regular carseat, so he won't need the car bed after all....another bit of wonderful news!!!!
That's all for now. I need to run as it's time to get to the hospital. We'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for your prayers!


Sandi said...

Yeah and Hallelujah!!!!
Love to All Y'all!
Aunt Sandi

Anonymous said...

I just now had a chance to check the blog (been away for a week or so) and the babies are growing like crazy! They are ADORABLE! Yay for the good news of having them home in a day or so!

Can't wait to FINALLY meet them! :)