Saturday, February 23, 2008

We're Home!!!!!

Pictures: All three getting their group shot at the hospital before we left. Daddy snuck in a few on our camera. Then there is a shot of the car seats all loaded in the van as we were leaving the hospital yesterday. And there there are pictures of each baby at home as Daddy unloaded them. I promise to get more of the babies on here soon!

Well, much to our surprise, we got a call yesterday afternoon saying that we could do the monitor training, stay for about 4 hours and then we could go home - with all three babies! We were there before 1pm and did the "training" and also got the pictures done (the hospital ones). We pulled out about 5:15pm - just in time for Friday 5 o'clock traffic, but we made it home safely and we are SO glad to be here.
So far, we have only had a few alarms with Clark's monitor and they were all because of a loose lead, not anything to do with a brady (heart rate decrease or that he has stopped breathing). The alarm is quite loud, but still it has not been as bad as we were told and feared.
We are working to try to have the babies on some sort of schedule - preferably 4 hours as the nurse had been working on that as well. We've heard all sorts of advice from other parents of multiples, but they all say that a schedule is not only important, but really necessary in order to save your sanity. It will just take us a few days to get in the "groove", start getting them to know day vs night and also learn what the babies are crying about, etc. Last night was long as they all seemed to need to eat right after the other, so there was never more than a 30 minute break. We are both pretty exhausted (as Troy also had a work emergency at 3:30am, so that called him away for a couple of hours). We are hoping to squeeze in a nap whenever we can, but also realize it could be a few days before we can get settled in.
I figured everyone might be ready for another picture or two. I'll get more out here shortly as we are taking lots of "firsts" pictures - first diaper change at hoe, first bottle feed at home, first time in bouncy seat. I know...a little extreme, but what can I say, we are HAPPY TO HAVE THEM HOME!!! Check back soon for more pics.


Sandi said...

And away we go...or y'all anyway! Sounds like all is well if very busy and so the prayers continue of course. Very cute nieces and nephew!
Love you all!
Aunt Sandi

Nurse Angie said...

I am glad things worked out the way they did for you guys. Give the kids hugs for me. Thinking of you as I am playing Rock Band...and then going to sleep! Angie

Josh and Angela said...

We are SOOOOOOOOO happy for you guys!!!!!!!!! We'll keep praying for you guys (especially for rest and strength for you two!)...And that PJ's will manage itself. ;-) love you guys!
~Josh and Ang