Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Today is your's my birthday too"... and me too - January 31st

Our tiny little miracles arrived with lungs fully-functioning. There were approximately 26 people "attending the birth" in the OR, so it was quite noisy, but I was still able to hear all three babies crying amidst the chaos and it was the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever heard.

Here are the stats:

Baby A: Kendall Marie Louis - arrived at 9:44am weighing in at 4lb 7oz and
17.7 inches long (45cm)

Baby B: Emma Claire Louis - arrived at 9:45am weighing in at 4lb 5oz and 17.9 inches long (45.5cm)

Baby C: Clark William Louis - arrived at 9:46am weighing in at 4lb and 17.5 inches long (44.5cm)

They are, of course, absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. They have been in the NICU's larger open room and are doing so well that they will be moved to a private room in "Dogwood Cove" (just more of a step-down unit where constant monitoring is still provided, but not one-on-one care that they have at the moment). This is actually a great indicator that they are all doing exceptionally well and could mean that they will come home much sooner than we might have anticipated.

All three have been on room-air since the beginning, although I believe that Clark had just a little help with oxygen right at first. They are in enclosed isolettes that help to regulate their body temperatures. They are feeding quite well, although their weights are down just a little bit (as is the case with almost ALL newborns),so they still seem to be holding their own.

We are SOOOOO pleased that we made it to the 34 wk mark as that was our goal and we felt like they had the best chance at that point. We feel it is probably the reason that they are doing SO well already.

I will post more tomorrow (now that we FINALLY have internet access). Hopefully this will give everyone the main highlights of information that you are looking for. I apologize that we haven't posted pics yet, but we need to pull some and be able to identify who is who (it got a little confusing in the operating room and soon after their birth in the NICU). We will get that together and post the pics tomorrow (I mean later today as it is 2:30am Saturday morning).

We are incredibly blessed to be sharing such wonderful news with all of you. They are simply more amazing that we could have ever imagined and we are enjoying learning more about them each time that we visit. Thank you again for your prayers and support.


sunny said...

YAY! So glad everyone is doing so well. Prayers definitely work!

Dorry said...

Congratulations Louis Family. What Blessings have been bestowed upon you! How special your babies must feel to know how wanted they are. May you be blessed with the endurance for this important race. I am so happy for you all.

Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! It's amazing to hear how great everything went. Great weights, awesome names.
Kim I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you! Let me know when you need me.
I'm so proud of you for hanging in there and not giving up. What a blessing. We're still praying for you and praising the Lord for this wonderful news.
Christie,Richard & Elijah

Anonymous said...

Louis Family,

Congratulations on the babies. I emailed everyone from Smith & Woods the news and a link to the web page. I really love the names and the way you have done the blog. Please keep it up as much as you can. I love to log on and read the updates. We will continue to pray for your family. Best wishes.

Crystal Kirkland (former S&W receptionist).