Wednesday, February 6, 2008

6 days old and still TOO CUTE!!!!

Today our babies are 6 days old. They are still doing really well. We are posting a couple of pics, though they may not be perfect. We got a couple of Clark and Kendall tonight. The one of Emma was a few days ago, but one of our favorites so far. So you know who they are: Pink hat picture is Kendall(today 2-6-08). Bow and pacifier picture is Emma (from 2-1-08). The other is Clark and Mommy (today 2-6-08). And if you look at a closer version, they will be really blurry, so be warned.

Right now, we are working to get them back to their birth weights. They are all just shy of that and should reach this goal in the next day or two. Clark and Emma were moved to open cribs yesterday - woo hoo - and Kendall could be in an open crib by tomorrow, provided that she keeps her temperature up. ALL THREE are no longer getting any nutrition through IVs and the IV lines were removed. We were super-thrilled about this as those IV lines looked awful (especially those in their heads) and it was always a big fear of running into them or accidentally tugging on them. They are still receiving some feedings (pumped breastmilk or formula) by way of a tube in their nose, but also doing some actual breastfeeding. We will hopefully be able to get them good at breastfeeding and then add back bottles (to give them milk that has been pumped), which means that they will be able to remove the tubes into their noses at that time.

We had one little scare today as Kendall's ultrasound of her head showed a little something weird. There is a risk of brain hemmoraging (spelling?)with preemie babies born at or before 34 wks. There is no sign of blood, but a couple of "shiny spots" and they want to check this again on Monday. On a scale of 1-4, with 1 being not too bad and 4 being bad, she isn't even a 1 - meaning that it is not serious (at this point). The nurse practitioner said not to worry as he expects it will be just fine. They are just being cautious. We are, of course, worried, but have decided to take the advice of the RN and the Nurse Practitioner and try to assume the best instead.

Hope you enjoy the new pictures. Please continue to keep the babies in your prayers, especially regarding Kendall's upcoming ultrasound on Monday and that it will show no signs of problems. For all of them, we want continued growth and progress so that we can get them home soon. Also, please keep praying for Troy and I as we adjust to the situation with visiting the babies in the NICU and having to go home without them everyday. It is not easy and we are hoping it won't last long.


Steve said...

Great stuff! Glad to see they are all doing fairly well. Don't worry about the brain thing...I have a feeling Troy had a little brain issue as well and he turned out fine. Almost.
Soon those babes will be home, and you'll long for all that nice help from the hospital.
You didn't get hit by tornadoes did you?

Ken Coffey said...

Congratulations, people! The kids are beautiful, and I know it must be very hard to leave them at the hospital every day. But it won't be long now.

I have to agree with Steve's observation about Troy.

God Bless,


kimberly roach said...

WOW! Is all I can say... the tears of joy and thanks just will not stop as I read and view their pictures. You both are so very blessed! Shane and I are so happy for you and cannot wait to see you all soon (and see their nursery).
P.S. Their names are so perfect!