Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Kids Sleeping in Their Big Kid Beds!

We have delayed switching from cribs/pack-and-plays because it was simply more convenient to know that they were somewhat secure in their beds and unable to just roam freely.  I don't like the idea of locking them in their bedrooms and having them in the cribs meant that I would know just where they were at night. 
But Emma was ready to switch months ago and we offered her the toddler bed.  She would go back to the crib sometimes and we would wonder if we'd ever be able to cut the crib cord. 
Around the same time, we offered a toddler bed to Kendall and she was not interested.  Sure, she'd snuggle into it for a nap but ahe would usually change her mind and prefer the safety of the pack-and-play surrounded by way too many stuffed animals and then covered over the top with a blanket to serve as her "tent."  Eventually she flat our refused to even start out in the toddler bed.  And then we decided to move her into Emma's room a couple of weeks ago in an effort to help her feel less "afraid" and hopefully be more willing to move into her toddler bed. 
Clark wasn't really even offered a toddler bed before this past weekend.  He loved to jump into Emma's, but we just weren't willing to risk letting him "escape".  Until recently when he learned to climb in and out of his pack-and-play.  Sure, it was kind of funny.  But it also looked pretty risky as he would tumble head first into his bed (which, in case you haven't been around a pack-n-play, looks like a very thin layer of some sort of press board). 
Both Clark and Kendall were outgrowing their sleeping accomodations and looked like they probably spend the entire night keeping their legs curled up, or hunched over so that they could fit inside.  We couldn't continue to subject them to such terrible conditions and expect them to feel like they were rested every morning.
While they were camping Saturday night (as I mentioned in a prior post), we moved furniture around and gave all of the crib-like items away (OK, disposed of the crib actually because it was recalled and completely useless).  We explained to them that there were other babies who needed these items and that it was time for the big kid beds.  Clark has never looked back.  Kendall offered a little whimper when she first got upstairs on Sunday afternoon, but she seemed to be fine and they have slept well since then. 
Whew.  Crisis averted.  What a relief.  I guess this means that I really must tackle the next thing on my "things-I-am-completely-dreading-but-will-have-to-do-anyway-list" which is potty training.  I think I'll just wait until Nanny Barb gets back. : )

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