Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Schoolin'

Yesterday was their first visit to Sunday School.  It's really the "nursery" until they are potty-trained, but we pumped up the "Sunday School" idea to make it more appealing.  The first 20-25 minutes were absolute torture for both of us (and the kids too apparently).
It was smooth-sailing dropping off Kendall.  She was very excited.  But the other two were not as thrilled.  Clark proceeded to have a meltdown while I discussed what we should to with the childcare providers since we knew that they were no strangers to this sort of thing.  They told us that they would contact us if they didn't have success calming the kids down within 20 minutes. 
We went down the hallway and could still hear them screaming.  Eventually more helpers arrived and one person was assigned to each of our children.  God bless the people at Ebenezer United Methodist Church as they rallied around our children to get them to settle in and have some fun.  After a move to the playground outdoors, things improved dramatically and they survived through the rest of Sunday School time and then the church service.
Once we came to pick them up, they were happy and hugging the childcare women goodbye and thanking them.  We even said to tell them "See you next Sunday."  I'm hopeful that they recognize this as a safe and fun place to go.
Here are some pictures of the girls in their dresses after church.  Unfortunately, Clark was running around the back looking for Daddy at the time.

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