Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun on Thursday

Nanny Barb and Auntie Karen were nice enough to take the girls to the Mornings with Mommy program this morning.  I was able to get over there for a little while to join in on the fun and get a few giggles with the girls.  Today's them was something about animals, so they made masks (Kendall - giraffe, Emma - monkey) and painted zebra stripes.  As usual there was also some singing and also the tubs with something to pour and dig around inside.  This time it was rice with little animal figurines.  We also had a little time outdoors with the "parachute" which was a big hit with almost all of the kids. 
We are excited that Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church will be offering the Mornings with Mommy program EVERY week this summer.  The program is the same for one week so you can choose which day is best for your family (Tuesday through Friday).  I'm looking forward to scheduling this time with the kids because the church does a fantastic job keeping them active and stimulated.

It looks like Nanny Barb made a detour to a nearby park with the girls after the fun at SOTH Mornings with Mommy.  I know that they always enjoy a surprise stop at a park.  Afterwards, they had lunch and then picked up Clark.  He only has one more day left of school this year and it's a water play day, so I am hoping to be able to attend and take some pictures.

We had some bananas that were on the fast track to being very ripe and mentioned the idea of banana bread or muffins to Nanny Barb.  It looks like she managed to get some help from Clark (and he seems to have bed-head).  I'm sure he got a kick out of mashing all of those bananas!

That's all for now.  Mommy is headed out of pocket for some girl-time.  Daddy will be in charge, along with the help of the sitters and also Auntie Karen.  Say a few prayers for Daddy and the kids that everything goes smoothly and the kids cooperate as much as possible (for three-year-olds).  I'm sure he will have some fun stories to share here.

I'm off to bed as I have a very early start again tomorrow.  I've signed up for Operation Boot Camp here in Knoxville and it requires that I start my day before 5am in most cases.  This may be "normal" for some, but it's taking some adjustments.  And the workout itself is 45 minutes of craziness.  It will last 30 days, so I'll be sure to share my thoughts at the end.

Happy Thursday!

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