Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiny Dancers

My tough-guy baller-let dancer.

Seriously?!?  The cuteness is oozing!

Strike a pose.

Clark having his own intermission.

A natural.

My tiny dancers wanted to put on their "baller-let" shoes and dance tonight.  Poor Clarkie was upset that there were only two pairs of "baller-let" slippers so he went digging through the shoe bags (this is the place where shoes are stored that are still too big and where we originally found said ballet slippers) and came out in the outfit pictured above.  Yes, Daddy would prefer that I not include such pictures in the blog, but then again, Clark is just too stinkin' cute when you realize how much he wanted to be a part of the dance party.  And his dance outfit looks pretty tough considering he has paired the inside-out orange tutu with a dinosaur shirt and his blue shoes that he seems to think are his "baller-let" shoes.  He makes it all look cool, don't you think????
I really think there is some potential for Kendall with dancing because she just seems to love it so much and I really hope that Emma finds joy in it too.  Emma loves to prance around and spin and bend over on her head (not as graceful as some moves) as part of her routine.  Kendall can switch from classical ballet to hip-hop then moves right into breakdancing and the moon walk. 
Daddy and I really enjoyed the dance recital this evening and I hope you get a kick out of the pictures too.  I know that I will enjoy looking back on this night for many years.

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