Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goofing Off After a Hard Day

We had a rough start this morning, but I don't feel like elaborating at the moment.  The kids spent the day without any "treats" as a movies, no park, no feeding ducks.  This was sort of a punishment for the parents also because it meant we were stuck at home sticking to our proverbial guns. 
The kids were spotted goofing off in the playroom just before we headed upstairs for baths.  I took the picture of Kendall without realizing that she had found something to snack on while playing.  Gross that I got it in the pictures, but that's the only one I had of her.  Clark was dreaming about playing out in the front yard where he could keep an eye on Tyler and Mr. Joe (neighbors across the street).  And Emma was just making Kendall laugh with her antics.
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday! 

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