Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School's Out For Summer!

Today was Clark's last day at school until the fall and he and his classmates had a special water play day outside.  Unfortunately, he wasn't particularly thrilled that he was allowed to get his shoes and clothes wet, so he didn't jump in the sprinkler or pools.  But he did have fun with the fishing pool, bubbles and the squirter thing-ga-ma-jigs. 
And, of course, drop-off went smoothly and he was excited to go to school.  Now he will have a break for the summer and we might have to deal with the anxiety of drop-off again next year....or he just might grow out of it.  I enjoyed getting to chat with his teachers and I was also able to meet some of the children in his class (since he talks about them often). 
 The kids enjoyed a little snack before we were allowed to take him home early.  He had a double-surprise when Daddy showed up as well (licensing exam today allowed him a little extra time before going to work - and he passed, just in case anyone was wondering).  We picked up his backpack, dry clothes and the folder with some of his artwork from the school year (since Feb. 1, actually) and that was it.  Bye-bye teachers and friends until August.
The fishing pole was popular with all of the kids.


Clark and one of his teachers getting a refill.

Watch out Mommy!

Cupcakes are a yummy snack.

Meanwhile, the girls were with Nanny Barb and they had outdoor playtime once Clark was back at home (though he took an early nap).  

And the kids had a special visitor this afternoon....Ms. Pam!  I haven't gotten the details yet, but I'm sure she kept them entertained.  Nanny Barb and Ms. Pam took them to Chili's for "kids eat free" this evening while Daddy & I were still working. 
I think they will sleep well after a busy day!

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