Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Sunday Shout Out

Once again, we spent the majority of our Sunday at the pool.  The kids loved it and the time flew by for us.  Auntie Karen surprised the kids with a visit and was able to see them in action (though we were all still a little slow).  While it was a little overcast at first, we all managed to get just a little pink and burn off some energy.

 And I had to post the picture above because it's the end-of-the-movie dance party.  Kendall went looking for her guitar so that she could play along with the music (we watched "Tangled" for our Saturday Family Movie Night and it was pretty cute).  All three seem to enjoy dancing to the music that runs during most of the credits after the movies.  Poo Pa stayed for the movie, so he was able to experience the dance party first-hand.

Mommy is a little nervous as the kids start attending a new preschool tomorrow morning.  They will be there Monday, Wednesday and Friday all day.  Of course, there are things to tend to for the first day (extra clothes, another set of clothes and food items in case of an emergency, some "security" items for naptime, etc).  We were able to get just about everything ready this evening so that the morning should involve feeding, dressing and then loading the kids into the van.  I even got dinner ready to throw in the oven when we get home tomorrow evening so that I can spend some time talking about their first day.

I'm going to try to call it a day and get some sleep.  The morning will be crazy enough so I've decided to skip Operation Boot Camp and focus on getting them to school.  Hopefully they will settle in quickly and enjoy meeting new friends.

Happy Clean Sheet Sunday.

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