Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Poo Pa!

We were so happy that Poo Pa and Uncle Albert could come over for a mini-celebration this evening.  We had fruit with angel food cake and "creme" (whipped creme from the can).  The kids were even able to help him blow out his candle.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera during the singing and cake, but did manage to catch some fun with the whipped creme.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY POO PA!

Mommy & Daddy had a special treat when the kids practiced the bedtime prayer that they are learning at Discovery Kids (First Baptist Concord).  We've worked on clasping hands together, bowing our heads and closing our eyes, but they never seemed to focus and go through the process.  After just three days at Discovery Kids, the girls are already getting it!  Kendall even told me, "Mommy, close your eyes" when she saw me watching her.  Emma shouted a big "Amen!" at the end.

I thought the bedtime prayer was sweet and would be a good way to close out my post:

"Thank you, God, as this day ends,
For my family and my friends.
Taking time to sit and pray,
Thank you, God, for this great day."

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