Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pokie's New Place

Pokie's Place BEFORE.....

Pokie's Place/Penthouse AFTER

Pokie is like George Jefferson and "movin' on up!"  We have read about goldfish since he has survived almost three months in our home and decided that he needed more space (don't we all?).  While there appeared to be some apprehension about the move at first, Pokie was soon swimming laps in his new super-sized home.  OK, it's just about 10 gallons, but compared to the goldfish bowl we had, this must seem like a palace to him, right? 
We have some decorating to do as it looks pretty boring and we'd like something across the back so we don't have to see the plugs.  Right now, he remains at home on the island/peninsula in our kitchen because the kids can't access it quite as easily as most other tables in the house.  Hopefully we can find some sort of table or shelf that is sturdy and a little higher off the ground so that Pokie is safe from toddler invasions.

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