Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Swim

She knew I got this picture and wanted to check it out right away.

It was one of those days for K

Glamorous glasses!

E spends most of her time floating and spinning in the swim-ring.

E had SO much fun dumping water on Uncle Tom.

Turtle ride with Uncle Tom.
We were able to get back to the pool today with the kiddos.  It was a tough call because our Tennessee Aquarium and our Creative Discovery Museum passes expired after today so we considered taking another trip to Chattanooga.  But we decided that none of us were really up for the car ride.
Luckily Uncle Tom wasn't working today and he and Auntie Karen met us at the pool so he could swim with the kids.  They LOVED it!  Emma spent a lot of time at first just trying to dump water on his head.  She remains very fascinated that "Uncle Tom doesn't have any hair!" so it was fun pouring water on his head. : )
Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Tom took the kids for a swim in the "big pool", but soon we were all ready to get back to the kiddie pool.  They really are getting comfortable in the water while still retaining just a hint of fear (which we think is probably a good thing).  We are working on blowing bubbles and getting them to attempt to hold their breath under water.
It's fun for us to pack up a picnic, drinks, water toys and just head to the pool and spend a few hours.  We don't have the distractions of laundry, dishes, yard work, etc, so we can focus on relaxing a little and just hanging out.
I need to shut things down because I've got an early morning tomorrow.  We can't forget to say "Happy Clean Sheet Sunday" though.

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