Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun before the Fourth

Mommy and Daddy took a brief trip to Nashville and Clarksville for a wedding Saturday afternoon and Nanny Barb graciously agreed to babysit for 24 hours so that we could go sans kids.  She kept them busy all day (along with her sister, Rose) at the pool and then they made a trip to Miss Patti's house to check out the new playset.  And they hit the pool again on Sunday morning.  Our plans are to join this pool and take them tomorrow morning, but of course, they all wailed "No pool!" when Daddy shared our ideas for the fun pool adventure.   Seriously?!  They WILL be going to the pool tomorrow. **smiling through gritted teeth**  I know they will have lots of fun once we are there, so it will just take some follow-through on our part.

Yummy ice cream!  Wait....

All three with Miss Rose. 

This girl loves to climb!

Check out that playset in the background!  She has ONE grandson.  Lucky boy, huh?!?

It even has a snack table!

Pool boy, please get me a tall glass of ice water and some Smarties.

Just lounging.

Striking a pose.

Water ballet.

We wish everyone a wonderful Fourth of July and are reminded to take a moment to thank our troops for their service, pray for the families who have lost loved ones while serving our country and just be thankful that we are living in this great country!

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