Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainy Day Play

Making macaroni.

Alicia is gonna miss craft time.:)

That hairy thing is the "meatball" (brown yarn ball).

Chef Kendall playing with a little cutie pie.

Check out Chef Kendall.

Making snack mix.

Chef Clark.

Shots above from Mornings with Mommy at Shepherd of the Hills Church.  Shots below from Kindermusik class this evening at Smart Toys & Books.

Belly bells

Jingle bell run!

Clark lovin' the Bilibo!

Today was a rainy day.  But there is always something to do in K'town.  You just have to keep your eyes and ears open.  I have mentioned more than once how much we love the Mornings with Mommy program at Shepherd of the Hills church.  They are offering this program every week during the summer months and have also added additional days.  I haven't been able to make it for the last few visits, but was able to run over and enjoy some time with the kids.  Alicia was babysitting, so she was in charge, but Auntie Karen showed up as well.  Today's theme had something to do with cooking, so they made chef's hats, played with macaroni noodles and "meatballs" (the brown yarn balls) and even prepared their own snack mixes. 
And this evening, I signed them up for a Kindermusik class and took them on my own though Auntie Karen was able to make it, despite the monsoon rainstorm that we had going on at the time.  Daddy came towards the end and had fun looking around Smart Toys & Books with the kids.  It is a 45 minute program, but was running a little behind waiting for people who were stuck in traffic.  The kids wanted to cut-out early once they saw Daddy, but I think they really enjoyed the playtime.  I think that the Bilibo (see pic & link) was a big hit, though I am not sure that it is a toy we would own, it was pretty cool.  Apparently, this particular model is appropriate for children up to age 7.  I'd like to learn more about them, but thought they deserved a mention.

I am ready to call it a day, but just wanted to post something about the events of the day.  I'm hoping to get some pics from their trip to Dollywood on Wednesday with Alicia, her sister and her mom.  They LOVED it and I think that photos do exist to prove that fun was had by all.


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Karen said...

Alicia is gonna have to come over a couple of times a week to do the girls hair! ;)