Friday, July 8, 2011

Swim-time with Mr. Mike

Emma, I should warn you that those are mighty big shoes to fill.

Kendall thinking she could swim on her own after a turtle ride.

Emma is just too silly.

Look at that girl kick!

Chill-time for Clarkie.

I think she was snacking for about an hour.

Tiny dancer.


Funny face.

Snack time x 3

Learning to trust Mr. Mike.


Mr. Mike and Ms. Lisa invited us over for some swim-time (and sort of mini swim lesson).  The kids had so much fun once they got used to the idea.  We even convinced them that Mr. Mike could offer great turtle rides like Daddy.  Kendall and Emma eventually warmed up to the concept of jumping into the water to Mr. Mike.  Kendall did a really great job kicking in the water and I think she even held her breath once.
At one point, she thought that she wanted out of her suit and back into dry clothes and ran around the grass which gave me a great opportunity to take some pictures.  Clark also lost interest in hanging out in a wet suit and switched to dry clothes for some play time.  Emma stuck it out in the pool because she knew Daddy was coming once he was done working. 
All three were back in the pool (Clark sans suit) once Daddy got in and it was time for another round.  Mr. Mike waited them out as well and offered lots of chances to jump in and swim or just take another turtle ride. 
After swimming, we were lucky enough to enjoy BBQ, sides and a birthday cake (Daddy's birthday is tomorrow).  Kendall blew out all of the candles while they sort of sang for Daddy.  I should note that the cake was out-of-this-world yummy (from Butler & Bailey)!
Thanks so much Mr. Mike and Ms. Lisa for a great evening.  I think they will sleep well tonight.

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