Thursday, January 24, 2008

33 weeks and we are hanging out at UT Hospital

Well, we've officially hit 33 wks today, but ended up at the hospital last night. I won't go into details, but we had a scare with some bleeding. They admitted me in order to administer the steroid shots (one last night and one tonight - so obviously I'll be here until tomorrow, at least). The shots will help the babies lungs develop, so this is a really important step.
We saw the dr today and they did fetal monitoring and ultrasounds. Everything looks just fine, so there is no official plan yet. They will continue to monitor things, give me another shot tonight and rerun the ultrasounds and monitoring tomorrow. Both doctors would really like to see me make it to 34 wks (next Thurs). I'm not sure if it will mean staying in the hospital until delivery, or if I might be going home tomorrow. I'll just have to post another update tomorrow once we have more information.
We're pretty excited, nervous, but ready to meet our little ones, so we're sort of hoping they think it is safe enough to deliver the babies sooner rather than later. We'll see.


Sunny said...

Glad you are getting steroid shots. Sorry for the scare. I hoep you don't let them send you home. You can refuse, you know. You've got several issues going on now, please stay where you and babies can be monitored.

Praying for you!

Krow said...

Thinkin' about you guys. Keeping an eye on the progress. Best wishes!