Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday - Last Belly Pic at 33wks 3 days

Well, it's turned out to be a very sunny Sunday, although still chilly. Troy spoke with the nurse and I'm now allowed one wheelchair ride "outside" each day just to get a little break. We "strolled" around the outside of the hospital just enjoying the sunshine and checked out the gift shop, magazines, ice cream and candy. It was really nice to just have a little sunshine after days of being cooped up inside. I have some friends who were in the hospital on bedrest while pregnant with their triplets for weeks, so we are very thankful that this is such a short time, but have to admit that it was much nicer to be outside than in.

We went ahead and took what we assume will be the final belly shot today (33w3d). We still hope to get a couple of other pics done before they arrive, but I'm running on very little sleep and unwilling to have pictures on the blog to prove it. :)

No big news to report today. They sent me over for a "non-stress test". Funny thing about that name. I think it's very stressful as this is when they hook up monitors for each baby and one for my contractions in order to be sure that they are not having trouble during the contractions. Problem is that I'm stuck in one position for quite a while and hoping that all three stay still enough to be monitored.....but that never happens. At least two of them were wiggling everywhere today and I was afraid I was going to end up there for 6 hours. The good news....they are doing just fine. And it didn't end up taking 6 hours.

That's all for today. We'll let you know what's going on once we meet with the doctors tomorrow, etc. One more day down....just three full days left and then it's BIRTHDAY TIME!!!!!

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