Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wk #31 Update

We've made it to week #31 and had our appt today. After our little trip to the hospital Sunday night/Monday morning, we had a few concerns, so we were a little anxious. All of the babies had strong heartbeats and looked good, although we do have a problem with Baby C (our boy).
Each week during the ultrasound, they check the heartbeats, watch for some movement and also check the blood flow in the umbilical cord. Today, there was an issue with the blood flow to Baby C. She checked the blood flow in his head and then went to "plug in the numbers" and see what's what. We waited and started to get pretty nervous because it took so long. When the dr came in, we were somewhat relieved to see him, but also more worried because it was him.
Long story short, things are OK, but the placenta for Baby C is beginning to run out of steam. The dr explained that this often happens in singleton pregnancies around wk#38 or when the pregnancy goes beyond the due date. Baby C was in the 56% last week of growth, etc, and that's compared to singleton pregnancies. If they were to compare him to other triplet pregnancies, he would look even better. For now, we just hang on a little while longer. He also told us how important it is for me to just get to 32 wks as the risk for some sort of brain hemorrhage is reduced to almost zero.
So, for now, we just wait and I sit still and keep these babies inside for at least one more week. We feel much better about the situation with Baby C after spending time discussing the situation with the doctor. And we would still really appreciate all of the prayers that we can get for things to hang on another week and also that the placenta continue to work enough to allow Baby C to get the nutrition he needs. Things are a little scary, but we feel very confident in the advice of the doctors and know that they will let us know if it is more serious.
Thanks again for checking on us and we'll continue to keep updating here as things develop.


Anonymous said...

You can do it!

Sandi said...

Hang in there! Lot's of prayers are going up. Those babies and their mama are lookin' good - daddy, too!
Love, Aunt Sandi

Sandi said...
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