Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking for VOLUNTEERS.......

Well, I've decided to take the advice of other multiples mommies, books, forums,etc and start asking for and arranging help. Actually, my good friend, Chanda, is going to handle the "arranging" of help, but I'm going to go ahead and put the "plea" out there now.

We have had so many people generously offer to help us with food, errands, baby "maintenance", etc, but after all of this time, it's hard to remember who was able to do what. I'd like to ask anyone who is willing to help out once the babies arrive to contact Chanda at If you are not able to email her, please just give me a call at 865-257-2227 and I can put you in touch with her. It will certainly take some effort to "schedule" help and keep up with it (the part that Chanda as kindly offered to take care of in the beginning). Basically, if you would please email her and give your contact information, what you are willing to do and if there are certain days of the week that work better with your schedule (or a time that you are not available). Obviously, until they arrive, we don't really know exactly what/when we will need anything, but we decided that it would be best to just start making a list and go from there.

This is a difficult situation for Troy and I as neither of us really wants to ask people to step in, but we know that it will allow for a much better experience for us and our new little ones if we can allow people to help out. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness, enthusiasm, generosity and support of so many people. It's difficult to express how thankful we are and how much we truly appreciate everything. This journey into parenthood would have been somewhat nerve-wracking for any new parents, but with three arriving all at's just terrifying at times. And then we think about how we are blessed in triplicate and get excited about triple the hugs, triple the cuddles, triple the little milestones and we know that this is how things were meant to be for us. We prayed to become parents and God definitely answered.....times three. And He continues to bless us with wonderful friends and family who have been so kind and thoughtful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


David Kerr said...

I will help out in anyway I can. For now I cannot help in person because the U.S. government felt that it was necessary to send me to Iraq. So I would like to help by praying and also with money because I know it will be getting tight with three little ones on deck. Please have Troy email me at
I will pray for all of you and know that I miss you all dearly. You will make it and that babies will be fine okay. Trust in the Lord for he is the reason you have these babies.


LKC said...

HI, Kim and Troy and babies X3
I am SO happy that you have reached this milestone! Hurrah!for all of you...Daddy is having fun now, and know he will enjoy those cuddles soon,too! Aunt Edna talked to your mom today after the OSU/Tn game...OSU kept up nicely!She suggested that I check the Blog,which I was thrilled to do! Prayers are with you all now, knowing that you have confidence in the dr's advice and your own intuition as new parents! The icing must be what is giving you that energy! I do want to be of help,but, being a long distance CUZ, I will pray and lend my support in other ways. We will need to know what you need, as soon as you know,or if you do for the nursery now. Stay in touch! God is with you; prayers continue as you know. Love, Linda and Aunt Edna