Monday, January 28, 2008


The countdown continues and there is nothing new to "report". We are still on for Thursday at 9am and I'm still pregnant with three squirmy, seemingly 9lb (each) babies. OK, I know that they are probably going to weigh a little under 4 lbs a piece, but at this point, it feels like there are three PEOPLE, not babies in there.
Everytime the nurses try to get heart beats, etc, I think the babies sense that it's their chance to "perform" and they do. For some reason, I was under the impression that the little critters would be less active at this point because of the space issue, etc, but that is definitely not the case. They are really all over the place. I think that Baby C did a complete flip about 30 minutes ago. It will be interesting to see them on the ultrasound tomorrow to see where they are and which direction they are headed.
As I said, there's nothing new to report. We are just eagerly anticipating their arrival and counting down the hours. I'm asking lots of weird questions of the nurses and doctors as I'm suddenly in need of info about the c-section, NICU possibilities, etc. We've been so lucky to get really wonderful nurses on 3-East. They really have been nice to us and been understanding that we are full of questions.
We'll check back in sometime tomorrow.

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Ken Coffey said...

I admire your courage! You're doing a great job. You guys are in my thoughts. Take care,