Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tough Day at the Hospital

I ended up in triage to monitor the babies as I was having quite a few contractions on Friday afternoon. Because there was a slight dip in Baby B's heart rate during the contractions, they decided to keep me hooked up to the fetal monitors overnight in Labor & Delivery.
Let me explain that once we got here Wed night, I was quite ready to just deliver the babies. Once we met with the dr on Friday AM (and after a better night of rest Thur night), I felt good about his decision to hold off until Thursday. I was getting a little more settled into my room on 3rd floor east and had been able to develop a good relationship with those that worked in that particular area. When it came up that we would have to stay overnight in a different room AND hooked up to monitors, I got upset. I just didn't want anymore changes and just wanted to be as comfortable as possible. There is simply no getting comfortable when you have 4 monitors (one for each baby and one to watch for contractions) strapped to your already VERY large belly. Add to that the need to get up for restroom trips every hour or so - which now require help in order to "unplug" you from the machines and then to find the babies all over again when you get back to bed - and you have Kim sort of losing her cool.
I didn't get any sleep last night and ended up staying quiet today - avoiding calls and visitors until I get a little more sleep. We had a WONDERFUL nurse this morning in the other room who was very helpful, kind and understanding. And we were thrilled when our dr showed up and agreed that we could go back to my original room. It was such a relief to get back here and get a shower and get settled back in with the nurses and staff that we have come to know in just a short period of time.
So, for today, I'm asking that you continue to keep us in your prayers - that the babies will continue to hold their own and not show any signs of distress, that I can get some rest and relief, and that Troy is able to also get some rest as he's been busy keeping up with my requests from home, doing laundry and cleaning up at home and working.
We are so thankful for the calls and emails and will continue to keep you posted. If you are reading this post and haven't heard that the babies are supposed to be delivered on Thur, 1/31, please check out our prior post from yesterday to "catch up".

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kim and Troy....
thank you for sharing the details of your pregnancy with us. I've enjoyed it every step of the way. I just read your last post and actually shed a few tears. Tears of JOY that is as I can still remember the anticipation and excitement I experienced with our little man. I'm not going to give you me there will be more than you'll need spit at cha...most out of love.... just do what comes natural and enjoy it all. We will continue lifting you all up in our prayers.....we serve a great and mighty God and he's got everything worked out. Can't wait to hear more.
Love ya.
Richard Christie Elijah