Saturday, April 9, 2011

Auntie Auntie

The kids got an auntie-double-dose as Aunt Sandi and Auntie Karen took them on a "big adventure" today while Troy and I were busy with a garage sale (which went well, I might add).
Unfortunately, they had planned to visit the Oak Ridge Children's Museum, but it was closed for some sort of renovation, repairs or something.  The kids were pretty unhappy about the change of plans, but they quickly recovered when they found themselves at a super-cool playground:

We had a few shots from yesterday during Aunt Sandi's visit with the kiddos:

The kids had fun and napped well after their adventure (and lunch at Wendy's).  Emma (above) is proclaiming that "I need my Wendy's!"

We are excited the yard sale went so well and we cleared out a bunch of things.  Whew!

I am ready for bed!  See you tomorrow.

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