Friday, April 29, 2011

Transportation Day at Clark's School

Checking out the view from a schoolbus window.

Jr. Sheriff ready to take this one for a spin.

Yeah.  That's a cool fireman's hat.

I can jump from here.
Mayor Tim Burchett makes an appearance at the Cedar Bluff school Transportation Day.
One last "ride" though he wasn't willing to get in on a photo op with the Mayor.
Mommy and Clark had fun checking out Transportation Day at his school today.  There were a number of vehicles on display and most could be touched or boarded.  They had a fire truck, ambulance, Sheriff's helicopter, Sheriff's car and motorcycles, KAT (city) bus, school bus, tow truck, Harley and a few others that I am probably forgetting.  I think he enjoyed it though he was apprehensive about it because he was NOT going to school today and the vehicles were in the school parking lot. 
One of the officers gave him an official sheriff's badge (pin) as well as a few stickers to share with his sisters.  He was probably the most content visiting the school bus once he got situated in one of the seats.  It was a nice view of all of the transporation vehicles on display. 
Fun memories with my little man.

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