Monday, April 4, 2011

Pizza and a Movie

I've been doing pizza night on Fridays because it just sounds "right."  I was running a little late this past Friday though and decided to put it off until Saturday.  Since Daddy was home Saturday night, we were able to get the kids in on the action (after making homemade dough - a whole wheat and a white version).  They loved it though I think that more of the cheese ended up in their mouths than on the pizza!  At first, Kendall tried to be sneaky about it, but as the minutes ticked away, she didn't even worry that we saw her eating the ingredients before they were on the pizza.  We will definitely be doing this again soon!

After dinner and baths, Mommy set up the pillow-pile and some blankets so that we could all settle in for a movie together.  The kids wanted "Toy Story" (for the fourth time), so we picked "Toy Story 2."  I don't think they even knew the difference.  We were so lucky that Uncle Stevie came by for the last part of the movie to see the kiddos.  They were VERY happy to see him as well.
I still have some shots that Aunti Karen sent to me on Sunday, so I will get those set up in their own post (tomorrow I would think).

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Karen said...

Looks like so much fun. :) And homemade pizza...VERY fun. K being sneaky...never! ;) Hugs!