Monday, April 25, 2011

Uncle Tom's Porch (Auntie Karen's too)

Dinner: Round one at their own pint-sized table. 

Second round of dinner enjoyed in the rocker/bench.

Ems checking out the "baseball players."

Third round of eating their dinner.  This time the floor was a good spot.

Yummy cake!  This was her second round since Auntie Karen thought she had permission.

It's a blurry shot, but I thought it captured the excitement of running laps around the courtyard.
This looks like a "high-five" but I think she was giving him rocks.

We had a great time eating Easter dinner and playing in Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom's courtyard area (AKA Uncle Tom's porch).  The kids haven't had too many opportunities to play outside at their house and they really had fun exploring and running laps around the water fountain. 
They also seemed to enjoy their own table, on the rocker/bench and even on the ground.  The dessert, a lemony cake, was a big hit with all of us.
The kids are finally at the age where we feel comfortable to spend time with family having meals like this and it doesn't require too much extra effort to accommodate their needs/tastes (at least I don't think it does).  They are able to find things to do in new places (Poo Pa's house or Auntie Karen's house) with toys they rarely play with or just running around in a new venue.   In the past, we struggled with bringing all of the equipment that we felt kept them safe or comfortable and we had multiple naps in the schedule or they didn't eat "big-people food."  Now we just grab cups, some diapers and wipes and we can go (though I always throw in some entertainment just in case).  It's much easier for everyone involved.
Troy and I really enjoyed spending the day with the kids and with our families and we are so glad that the kids had lots of fun.

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Karen said...

It was such a great evening. Thanks for coming over to share it with us. Love those munchkins! ♥♥♥ They are quite the entertainment!