Friday, April 8, 2011

Inquiring Minds

We found two teeny, tiny inchworms on the playset this afternoon and they kept Kendall and Emma's attention for quite some time.  They are SO curious about bugs, flowers, leaves and dirt.
Another triplet family dropped off a couple of toys for us to try to sell at our garage sale tomorrow.  The kids were having post-nap meltdowns, so I got out the alligator teeter totter that they brought and it was just the distraction they needed.  I sort of wish that we could buy it, but we have to let toys go, not bring more in.  But it did provide some entertainment this afternoon.
I've got to get to bed quickly as we have another early morning for the garage sale.  Day #1 went really well, so we are hoping for another great day and then a big delivery of items to KARM and another chapter of Declutter 2011 will be in the books. 

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