Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrating Easter Weekend

Easter weekend becomes a longer celebration with little ones because of the opportunities to check out Easter egg hunts, visit other church functions, etc during the weeks leading up to Easter.  We've been to a number of events and it has been a fun way to celebrate, goof off and teach them a little about the real meaning of Easter.  Christmas is a little easier to share with toddlers.  Baby Jesus' birthday is a much easier concept to grasp than the fact that He died on the cross for our sins and then rose again.  They don't know "death", so teaching resurrection seems a little challenging to me at the moment.  But we do want them to know that it's not all chocolate bunnies and jelly beans either.

We visited the church where my sister and brother-in-law are members (as was Nana).  We love the minister, Ann, at Ebenezer United Methodist Church and really enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt and playtime there this afternoon.  The kids seemed really comfortable and we were able to enjoy the beautiful (though pretty warm) sunny day.  My new friend, Laura, met us there with her mom and daughter, but unfortunately little E was sleeping in the car and wasn't waking up for the festivities.  Maybe next time.

The kids still aren't particularly competitive at collecting Easter eggs, which is just fine with me.  We got just a few between the three and then moved on to the refreshments offered.  It was nice to just sit on the lawn and enjoy some time with Auntie Karen, Uncle Tom and the kids.  Daddy had one camera, Auntie Karen had another and I had mine.  I didn't take many shots, but will try to include some from everyone during the next couple of posts.

We have lots of time planned with family tomorrow - lunch with Poo Pa, Uncle Albert and Uncle Stevie  and then dinner with Auntie Karen & Uncle Tom.  We are excited about Poo Pa's infamous bunny cake also!  I decided to skip coloring Easter eggs because they just don't really know any better and, honestly, I forgot to hard boil the eggs.  Oops.  Next year, for sure!

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