Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hay Rides and Bouncing and Bunnies, Oh My!

We had a big day today.  Mommy and Nanny Barb took the kids to Tate's School for their open house.  They had a hay ride (pulled by a tractor), tours and lunch.  The kids really enjoyed the hay ride/tour around the campus.  I had no idea that it was such a big area (52 acres, I believe).  It is a really amazing place and we enjoyed meeting teachers and camp counselors (as they have a regular school and also a great summer camp schedule that includes swim lessons for the little ones). 
The tour included a visit to the green schoolhouse where the preschoolers, Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms are found.  We met one of the 4-year old teachers who showed us her classroom frog, ladybugs and caterpillars!   One of the 3-year old teachers was also on hand to answer questions and show us around her classroom.  The kids had lots of fun playing in the classroom for 3-year olds.  I can't begin to explain how awesome Tate's school is though one needs a hefty bank account.  It is quite pricey, although I'm sure it's worth every penny.  I believe that grade school classes don't have more than 16 children with each teacher.  Amazing.  Can you imagine how much children could benefit if public schools were able to offer such ratios of teachers to children?  There are two classrooms for 3-year olds and one has 9 children while the other only has 7.  Very cool.  Hot dogs, chips and bottled water gave us more energy to take on our next adventure (see below).
Here are the kids on the hay ride:
It was windy and cloudy and MUCH cooler than we expected (hence the sandals) but the hoodies came in handy, as did the ponytails.  The girls and I had the "windblown" hairdo all day.

Once we finished our visit at Tate's, we drove not too far away to Middlebrook Pike United Methodist Church for a fun-filled time which included a bounce house, games and an Easter egg hunt.  I think they were more excited just because they could roam freely on the playground.  Emma was quite interested in the Easter bunny and I was able to get a few pictures:

Emma made a new friend.

Kendall accidentally picked up two pieces of candy and put one back. 

Clark is completely in awe of this large bunny.

I love the look on Kendall's face.

Kendall's first taste of cotton candy.  And Clark never asked for any of it.

This evening was another "family movie night" and we were finally able to finish the Toy Story trilogy and watched "Toy Story 3."  I had heard that many people wound up in tears and I won't deny that I did too (I'm not tattling on Daddy though *wink*wink*).  It was another good movie but the kids were definitely not as interested in sitting still for the entire thing. 
Hopefully they are worn out and decide to let Mommy and Daddy sleep until 8am.  We'll see if that happens.  I think our days of having kids who sleep until 9a are behind us now.
It looks like we will have a beautiful (read: warmer, sunnier and less windy) day tomorrow, so we plan to spend it outdoors. 

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