Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Adventures

We (sitter A, Nanny B and mommy) took the kids on a new adventure today. I've heard a lot about Shepherd of the Hills Mornings with Mommy program and decided to sign the kids up for a "session".  This week was themed appropriately about Easter.  They had circle time where the group leader read a story and we sang a song.  She also told us a story (using a felt board) about Jesus' resurrection.  Then we had free time for about 45 minutes where the kids could choose from different "stations" related to fine motor skills, sensory area, gross motor skills, arts and crafts (a big favorite) or an infant area with age-appropriate toys. 
I think most of our time was spent in the sensory area where they had big tubs filled with lentils and plastic eggs.  It sort of worked like a sand box, but a little neater (in my humble opinion).  We also spent a lot of time at the painting table.  The kids could paint pictures of eggs with these super awesome paint brushes.  I've decided that it will be Good Friday before Kendall's actually dries because she really loved painting and kept layering the coats of paints on her paper.  But you should have seen how content she was while she sat and painted.  They were also pretty enthused about the chance to draw on the wall (OK a large piece of paper on the wall), glue die cut pictures and use the dot paints. 
All in all, I am glad that there were three of us because I was a little under the weather and Clark wasn't particularly happy at first.  He also tended to be a little less focused than the girls, but this isn't a revelation.  He is a boy and wants to keep moving at all times.  After the playtime, they offered a snack which included something I think they called the "Empty Tomb Buns".  I don't know that the kids really got it, but it was certainly interesting (biscuits wrapped around a marshmallow and baked).
I wish that they interacted with other children a little more, but since there were three adults that they were familiar with, I sort of hindered that process because they could always turn to one of us.  And they were just so engrossed in the activities that they had very little interest in meeting new friends.  I'm hopeful that if we continue to join in the activities (it is offered twice per month on Tue, Wed and Thur) then they might start to get to know other children and begin to build some relationships.
As I mentioned, I'm a little under the weather, so I'm posting this and then calling it a day.
Good night.

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