Friday, April 22, 2011

Worth Remembering

Sometimes I worry that what is amazing, funny or crazy to me now might be forgotten.  My blogging is one way to help me remember the "stuff."  While it might not even seem worthwhile to some who read, I keep thinking that one day it might be precious information to me when my mind just can't quite remember what it was like to have three little ones running around the house all at once.

There were a few moments this week that I want to remember:

The kids went to the chiro with Nanny Barb the other day and his name is Dr. Bert. Kendall and Emma asked Dr. Bert where Ernie and Big Bird went.  I didn't even realize that they would make such an association, but it sounded pretty cute to me.

Our wonderful friends, Auntie Lynnie and Auntie Deb, watched the kids so that Mommy could go to a funeral.  The report upon arriving at home was that Emma was now stating (very matter-of-factly) "Hi. My name is Kim Louis." And another favorite was "You are just like Kim Louis." Not quite sure where these statements came from as I can't remember being anywhere with the kids when I would say such a thing, but it is funny what they pick up from conversations.

Tonight we had homemade pizza with Poo Pa.  The kids did a little showing off and then Uncle Stevie showed up just in time for baths and upstairs play before bed.  I got out the iPod to play some of the YouTube music video clips that we watch together and Kendall got her groove on to the Glee version of the Justin Bieber song, "Baby."  She knows many of the words and even some of the choreography from the Glee clip.  Emma and Clark also join in singing the words that they know.  Shameful?  Maybe.  But incredibly cute coming from three 3 year-olds.

When I got home from work, I was sort of in a scramble to get the pizza made and in the oven, but the kids weren't having it.  Kendall had a full-blown meltdown and Clark and Emma chose that time to be super-clingy.  In the end, Kendall came up and took my hand while asking me to go sit down and have some quiet time with her.  I followed her to the recliner and all three climbed into my lap and we had some quiet time (while watching the end of a movie that started before I came home).  I didn't get to the pizza right away like I had planned, but still got dinner on the table before 6p and no one suffered.  So we had some quiet time together AND dinner still happened.  Lesson learned.

All three of them are also incredibly impressed with the DVD version of the Corduroy book.  Auntie Karen gave them a set of stories on DVD and we have shown a few, but they LOVE this particular one and even came into the kitchen to get Poo Pa to come and see Corduroy (he sort of "comes to life" in the DVD).   It isn't the most "high-tech" movie and not very long, but maybe its the simplicity that they love?  Or maybe its the idea that Corduroy is "real" and maybe Lucy (stuffed dog) or Doo Doll (E's baby doll) or monkey might come to life also?????

And they still are sometimes willing to give me some "cheesy" when I ask.....

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