Thursday, April 28, 2011


The girls are trying to twist their fingers into the sign for "I love you."

Kendall decides that a thumbs-up is appropriate.

Clark had to go to sleep a little earlier than the girls because he was feeling a bit, shall we say, tired.  And we expect that he will be up by 7am, so I'm about to call it a day as well.
The girls had some story time with Mommy and Daddy before they were supposed to go to sleep, though we had three more trips in there tonight.  They are on day 6 of sharing a room and are doing fairly well so far.  Hearing Kendall saying "Emmaaaaaaa.  Wake up, Emma.  Eeeeeemmmmmmaaaaaaa" is pretty comical, but I'm sure Ems has a different opinion because she is usually still sound asleep when I arrive in the morning. 
That's it for me.  Nightie-night.

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