Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Tornado Warning Friendly

I'm just about sick of tornado warnings right now.  We've had them consistently issued since about 4p today.  Initially, I was mildly concerned and got somewhat prepared but then we didn't have too much activity other than some heavy rain.  I decided to give the kids a bath and asked Facebook friends and my sister to call me if there was something significant headed our way.
Around 7:45, things got worse and I began to worry.  Troy was still at work and quite frankly, I haven't dealt with this sort of thing since becoming a parent of three little ones who rely on me to keep them safe.  We got settled into the safest place I could find which is our hallway/mudroom area.  I brought some markers, notebooks, cars, a play garage and some legos.  Just outside the hallway I had rechargeable lights, the radio, my laptop and anything else that seemed somewhat important (the fire safe, etc).  Yes folks, I was really convinced that we could be in for some tornado activity and I was trying to be as prepared as possible. 
I sent Troy a text mentioning that he should get home.  Now.  He called a few minutes later saying that he was headed home.  It was then that the radio reports indicated heavier rain and hail in our area.  And the hail began.  It was incredibly loud and the kids were a little weirded-out.  I was on pins and needles until I heard the garage door open announcing Daddy's arrival home.
At this point, we are still under a tornado warning, but have been incredibly fortunate (knocking on wood as I type) that we haven't had anything significant going on with the house (at least nothing that we know of).  Indoors, it is dry and comfortable and the kids are finally in bed. 
We are checking the internet and finding out that there have been terrible storms in Alabama causing fatalities, so I feel that my fears were not unfounded but I find myself relieved that we have been able to dodge any sort of major problems.  I was able to clear out a space in the garage for my van, so we know it is without harm, but we are just hoping Troy's car survives the storms without any damage.
And I have realized that our house isn't particularly "tornado-warning-friendly" in my humble opinion.  I say that because we have no spaces downstairs that are completely window-free.  Moments such as these make me wish that we purchased a home with a basement.  Darn it anyway.  And Troy just mentioned that tornado damage probably isn't a covered event under our home owner's insurance and I'm wondering why the h-e-double hockey-sticks not!  We will probably have to look it over just so that I can get a peace of mind about our coverage.
Here's to a clear day tomorrow filled with sunshine and no more severe weather reports.  And we hope that others in our area have not suffered any damage either.

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