Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aunt Marsha's Christmas Haul

The boys came over and had pizza with the kids for dinner.  Aunt Marsha and Poo Pa were busy making Hawaiian sweet bread (yyyuuummmmmyyyyyy!!!!) at his house and she came over later bearing gifts.  The kids still really don't know too much about the gift-receiving concept, but they were excited that they each had a gift bag and some other goodies to unwrap. 
The girls each got their own Groovy Girl - Fayla Fairy is Kendall's and MacKenna Mermaid is Emma's.  Each doll also has another wardrobe option.  I know that Aunt Marsha had just a little fun on this one since she hasn't been able to buy dolls for her two boys. ; )  Boys are all fun and cuteness, but you can't get them mani's and pedi's and you don't usually buy them dolls, so she's been pretty excited about the girlie opportunities.
Meanwhile, Clark was busy opening his cool Thomas the Tank Engine Deluxe Water Tower.  Of course, the girls were as interested in this new toy as he was and all three had to get in on the action! 
The Nashville relatives also gave the kids some cute Christmas puzzles, stickers, crayons and drawing pads.  Clark's art pad actually is a spiral-bound book that has a cover picture drawn by Marshall.  It is super-cute. 
They had a lot of fun playing and goofing off with their cousins and Aunt Marsha tonight before bathtime.  We are so glad that they had time to visit us in Knoxville for a few days this week!

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