Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Fun in Chattanooga (Again)

First of all, I want to post a couple of fun pics from last night.  Tommy brought over gifts for the kids from he and Stephanie and here is what they got...

The Laptopin' Louis Kids

I couldn't resist this one with all of that excitement on her face!

Today we made a quick trip to Chattanooga.  Since we already have family passes to the Creative Discovery Museum and also the Tennessee Aquarium, we decided that we could drive there for the day and try to do as much as possible (while wearing out the kiddos) and then come back in time for naps.  We didn't make it back for naptime, but we DID have lots of fun.  We managed to make it to the Discovery Museum and also the ocean side of the Aquarium.  I think they had lots of fun and so did we.
I'm trying to get the pictures from today posted because we are hoping they might be in bed by 7:30 or 8p and we both plan to follow quickly behind them. 

Oh, and we had to make just ONE stop on the way home.....

I miss Publix as I grew up in South Florida shopping with my mom at Publix.  I miss the cool floors and the yummy food.  Sorry Kroger and Food City, but you just aren't the same to me.

We picked up some food at the deli and had a nice meal in the car before getting back on the road and heading home.  The kids played happily in the car with their new laptops (thanks again Tommy and Stephanie) and were happy to watch "Signing Times" and Sesame Street on the way home.

We are so thankful to have had such a great time as a family today.

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Karen said...

Look at Kendall with that mouse. She looks like a pro already! Sure looks like they had a blast today. Boy do I wish we had those fabulous museums when we were growing up. So cool!