Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Wonderland in Tennessee

Aunt Marsha and cousins David and Marshall are in town for a few days and we took the munchkins to see Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland.  It is not far away and I found a great half-off deal a few weeks ago.  I've wanted to see the display and have heard so much about it.  I'm a big fan of almost ALL Christmas music.  And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas lights (Troy and I are actually considering growing our light display into something very Clark Griswold-ish  by the time the kids are in high school). 
Anyway, we had a great time driving through the display and enjoying the music.  I think the cousins were pretty impressed with the lights, but the little ones were more interested in the live animals!
Yes, a petting zoo complete with a couple of emus, goats, sheep, camels, etc.  I even saw a camel chewing on the feathers of one of the emus.  Gross!  It smelled worse than a public restroom, but the kids loved having the animals eat the pellets of food that they offered in small plastic cups.  I still feel like I can smell the "fresh, farm scent", but I'm so glad that we stopped in and saw the animals as this was the only chance I had to take any pictures today.

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