Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cinnamon Squirrel Toast

 My wonderful employer gave us a loaf of Old Mill Bread Company cinnamon swirl bread yesterday.  We thought the kids would enjoy this special treat for breakfast but we sort of had a language barrier as they called it "cinnamon squirrel toast".  I have a feeling that this one could last a little while because they enjoy watching the squirrels outside so they were pretty interested in the name. 
And I think this is going to be it for my Saturday post.  I have to find pics that are suitable for sending out with Christmas cards.  I purchased Thanksgiving cards and never sent them because I didn't have photos printed to send along.  I just don't think that I can slide by Christmas without sending cards of some sort to the relatives (at least).  Now, will I be able to get a letter completed?  I don't know about that.  I'm sort of thinking that I could direct anyone to the blog and they can catch up with us here.  I LOVE reading Christmas letters from friends and family, but I realize that not everyone is a fan.  In order to maintain my sanity (and have time to get the household stuff done), I just might skip the letters this year.
Have a wonderful Saturday!