Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kookin' with Kendall (and Daddy too)

Kendall was cooking again this weekend. This time she got to make cookies with Daddy. I took these the other day, but held them out to be presented as their own post because it was such a special moment (especially for Daddy). We have been imagining what it would be like to have times like these with each of them and it was really lots of fun and so incredibly cute.

They made yummy chocolate mint cookies with our Nestle Dark Chocolate and Mint Chips (on sale at Kroger now). And yes, she is her mother's daughter and had to get a taste of that exquisite batter. She helped mix the dry ingredients (see picture #2 and #3) and then added to the wet ingredients (see picture #4 and #5). Then it was time to transfer the batter to the cookie sheets for baking (picture #6). I neglected to get any shots of the anticipation while they were baking because by that time, her siblings were up and we had to convince them all to hang out in the playroom.

Dessert that evening was a cookie and a Dixie cup of milk for each. I don't know which was better for them because those miniature paper cups were quite a hit since there were no straws or lids or sippy-contraptions.

Troy and I are big fans of the Food Network. We love to keep up with shows like, "The Next Food Network Star" or "Chopped" and also "The Next Iron Chef". I'm considering contacting them about my precious Kendall who LOVES TO COOK! I'd love to come up with a children's cooking show that involves CHILDREN. Triplets would be even cooler, don't you agree???? And what better time to start than when they are young toddlers??? The show could chronicle while they are learning about the kitchen and baking or cooking. There are so many things that children can learn in the kitchen and it would be really interesting to document this in some way. In fact, I'm thinking of a great new blog.........

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