Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Crafting: Part 1

I brought out the "big guns" tonight and put the train/craft table in the playroom while they were napping.  In preparation for Christmas Crafts Part 1, I cut up pieces of wrapping paper, found three glue sticks along with construction paper and markers and mentally gave myself a pep-talk.  Fortunately for me, Uncle Stevie came over a little early and helped out which gave me a chance to take some pictures.  The kids seemed pretty focused though the concept of a glue stick and attaching pictures to the paper was a little difficult to grasp.  And Kendall thought it was lip balm, so you can imagine how that turned out for her.
Either way, I think it was worth the time and effort getting ready while they napped (which meant I didn't get to the fifty loads of laundry waiting for me as a result of the dry-wall disaster last week) to have something new and exciting to do when they woke up.  I also planted little tote bags (with their names) that had reindeer antlers, jingle bells and a cute stuffed animal to get them awake and enthusiastic.  I really want them to know what the true meaning of Christmas is and I'd like to share the wonder and the fun that come along with the holidays in general (though I think I could just hibernate until sometime next March if left to do so). 
What kind of crafts do you (oh moms of toddlers) do with your toddlers?  I'd love ideas to try out on the kiddos.  I'm looking for something with cotton balls.  Snowmen or snowflakes sounded fun but I'm not convinced that glue sticks are the best choice when your medium is a cotton ball.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Anna said...

Are the rosy cheeks flush from fever? Poor little people; hope they are feeling in good spirits still.

Got your check today for dinner. :)