Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sickies

Emma and Clark ran slight fevers last night and again this morning, so we are sticking close to home.  We've played with the Hermie "Colorforms-type" set (the vinyl clings), colored, watched Sesame Street on Daddy's laptop, played trains and read books.  They seem to be OK aside from their temps, though both were up much earlier than usual this morning.  Kendall is being somewhat whiny though no signs of fever or other illness.  I think she is just a little jealous of the extra attention paid to the other two and decides to try to have a little tantrum to remind us that she is special too, even if she's at 98.6 degrees.
Since we were both up earlier than usual after staying up WAY TOO late last night/this morning, I expect I'll be calling it a night just as soon as I can get them tucked-in tonight, so I doubt I will post more pics today.
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

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