Thursday, March 24, 2011

Current Events

Kendall asked if she could read the paper the other day.  Unfortunately, I missed the shots of her holding it up just like an adult and flipping through it as though it was a Sunday morning.  I was slightly taken aback because it was like a flash forward of things to come.  But then it was just cute and funny.  Clark had to follow sissy and "read" too, but then just had fun crumbling it up and throwing it.

Current events in our house include another trip to the doctor with Emma.  This time she spiked a fever last night (up over 102) and we just wanted to rule out the worst.  We wondered if it could be teeth (though the doctor explained to me today that we should be off the hook for teeth until they are four) and she was complaining that her mouth hurt.  The news is that the strep test was barely positive, so she has strep throat.  It could certainly be worse.  She is taking antibiotics for the first time.  Yes folks, it's the first time she has ever had to take antibiotics and I'm sort of happy about it.  Hopefully they will knock this out quickly so she can be her perky little self soon enough.

Clark is still training for the WWE by grabbing the girls in some sort of choke-hold and pulling them to the ground.  We have strictly forbidden wrestling in this house, so I am not pleased with his current potential career path.  I want him to be a protective but sweet brother.  Not a brother who is feared.  He can be so sweet and cuddly and hugs on his sisters, but then he turns "all boy" and doesn't realize his own strength. 

And Kendall is still being the little mommy.  She is so funny trying to round up the troops to come inside for ice cream or whatever sort of treat we have offered.  She says "Come on.  Don't you want some ice cream Clarkie?"  And she is always keeping tabs on everyone.  "What are you doin' Mommy?  Where's Daddy?  When's Barbara comin'?"

Keeping three toddlers entertained and busy enough to burn off all of that energy is nearly impossible.  We've had a short interruption of spring with some cooler temperatures, but they still managed to get some time outside today playing at the sand table, riding bikes and just running around like crazy three-year-olds.  Tomorrow is another day.

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