Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three sick kids?????

I don't know if it's true, but it appears that all three are sick (again).  This time I don't really know what is going on aside from a fever.  Clark has had a fever since Sunday evening and it has been as high as 103 degrees and not really much lower than 100 so far.  Now Kendall and Emma seem to be running very low grade fevers.  Ugh!  Mommy and Daddy really hate it when they are sick, though we have been so lucky that they have rarely been sick at all.  And it's so hard to watch and not know what is going on with them.
Clark has been on and off with his energy level and still maintained his appetite, so we haven't been particularly concerned until it spiked to 103 degrees at 5am this morning.  We have him scheduled to see the doctor first thing tomorrow morning just to rule out the flu or RSV.  We are hopeful that it is just a viral thing and will need to run its course.  And even more hopeful that it doesn't turn into anything with the girls.
You would never have known that anyone was under the weather from the pictures that I took earlier today while they were playing in the driveway outside in the sunshine.  We were shocked by flash floods in our area yesterday with storms off and on all day, but today was just beautiful.  They were stuck indoors watching all of the rain come pouring down and seemed quite happy to get outdoors today for a change of scenery.

Bad hair, but happy boy.

He cannot be blamed for the helmet and pink scooter as K took the boyish versions.

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