Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flu & Craziness in the House

Clark tested positive today for Flu A.  Good to know.  Praying for a fast recovery for him and hopeful that the rest of us can avoid it. 

I had a busy afternoon and evening just managing the basics, so this is all I have to share:

This is what my children are doing when I am in the laundry room washing their clothes or cleaning up the kitchen or running their bath water.  They do things that they are NOT supposed to do and then Mommy looks like a big meanie for shutting the party down.  But I did get the pictures before I put an end to the fun.  It's hard to tell them not to do something that looks so fun and also probably burns up a lot of energy.  I should strongly consider a trampoline, but don't tell my insurance company (kidding, we won't be getting one).

Here's to staying flu-free.

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