Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Sickies: Part 2

 We have more sickies in the house.  Emma has been running a fever of about 102 all day.  Mommy wasn't feeling well Friday night and woke up (early to work a shift at the consignment sale) with very little voice.  The shift Saturday didn't help, so by bedtime I was whispering instead of singing to the kids.  My voice was still gone today and the kids would whisper just like me sometimes and other times, the girls would say "Mommy talk." 
It was a rough one around the house because the kids are going stir crazy being indoors.  We actually had SNOW this morning, but it just made everything wetter (since we had rain all day on Saturday), so it is messy outside.  They are ready to run around and get some exercise!  We also didn't want to take them out with Emma running a fever (so as not to share her germs with the community).  Everyone needed some quiet time in their rooms early this afternoon after one too many meltdowns and then napped.  Mommy even slept for a few hours (thanks to Daddy handling things). 
We are hoping that Emma will wake up on the other side of whatever it is causing her fever (most likely the flu since this is what Clark went through earlier last week).  And we are even more hopeful that we have sunshine tomorrow and maybe get them outside for a little while (no, I haven't checked the weather yet).
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

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