Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Sand Table

"Clarkie, you want a cookie?"

"Here.  Sprinkles."

Emma makes a helmet look cool!

Daddy surprised the kids by picking up a bag of sand to fill the sand table.  It provided entertainment for Kendall that lasted quite a while.  Clark and Emma just couldn't stick to one thing very long.  Clark did enjoy throwing the sand at his sisters and also up in the air, so they all had it in their hair, eyes, etc. 
Kendall was cooking and baking with the sand and whipped up a batch of cookies with sprinkles.  She was even nice enough to share with her brother.  She would put the sand up to her nose and say "Ummm.  Smells gooooood."
Emma just couldn't be bothered for very long as she was very interested in riding anything.  She started off with the Spiderman bike, then Ariel and the Princess too.  But all of them are just a little to big for her.  After taking a spin on the four-wheeler and a scooter, she settled on the tricycle and really did well.  She was doing great on the turns and going on the sidewalk to the front door and back around in the driveway.  She would pedal "Slow.  Slow.  FAST!!!"  Then she would try to go as fast as she could.  It was really sweet and we were so proud to see her pedaling. 
We stayed outside as long as possible before heading indoors to eat dinner.  Daddy was able to get the entire lawn mowed this weekend while the kids were playing outside (I was around to supervise).  We sold our riding mower and now just have a push mower, so it takes a little while.  Especially where there are three little ones trying to get his attention at times. 
He mowed over leaves and Clark and Ems even got in on the action trying to use their play mower (and a stroller) to go over the leaves just like Daddy.  I wish I had my camera with me then!

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