Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Another Day in the Life....

The kids had a lot of time outside today because the weather was beautiful.  No one is running a fever and there are no major signs of illness (though Clark is pretty congested).  We are hoping that it means we dodged a bullet.
Anyway, I wanted to share my funny with Emma that happened last night after they all went to bed.  Daddy was unavailable and I was on the phone and logging onto my computer to look up something for work.  I heard Emma start crying and it sounded pretty serious, so I ran upstairs.  When I got there, she was pretty upset and crying for me to..."put Doo Doll on Emma's back."  Yes,  her words.  You see, earlier, they climbed on my back and I rocked back and forth.  This was pretty funny to them for some reason.  When Daddy got home from work, the girls wanted to do the same with him.  And then Kendall got her monkey and wanted him to ride on her back.  So Emma, in her sweet, cute, funny, but slightly frustrating (because of the crying) way, just wanted to join in and have Doo Doll on her back.  And then she put  her head back on her pillow and quietly told me good night.
I just thought it was a little funny moment that I might want to remember later.
Thanks for sharing it with me.

And thanks for Mrs. Lisa who came by this afternoon for some outside fun (after naps and before dinner).  She also hung out during dinner and baths until Daddy got home.  I think that they might have worn her out, but it had nothing to do with all of the whining, I'm sure. **wink-wink**  Thanks Lisa for all of your help this evening.

The van is loaded with all of my consignment items ready for the Knoxville Multiples Club Consignment Sale this weekend:
Saturday, March 5th at the Deane Hill Rec Center
7a-8a - early shopping for a $3 entry fee
8a-11:45a - regular sale
12p-2p - half price sale

Hope to see some of you Knoxvillians there on Saturday.  I will be the nerd at the checkout table with my own calculator. :)

Also, please consider donating to the Second Harvest Food Bank if you feel lead to do so as they suffered huge losses due to the flooding that took place here in Knoxville on Monday, February 28th.  The warehouse is closed right now so that they can clean up.  There are so many people and agencies in this area who depend on the food that Second Harvest provides, so I hope that maybe just one of my readers will hear about them and choose to donate to such a worthy cause.

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Karen said...

Good ole Doo Doll. She is very loved by Emma! Sweet story. ♥