Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mickey Mouse and Chocolate?!?!?!?!

A supervising Emma.

H and her friend, K, with Kendall.

The Boris family (sitter, A, and her parents) were recently in Orlando and brought back some Mickey Mouse "pops" for the kids.  They were rice krispy treats on a stick shaped like Mickey and then the ears were dipped in chocolate.  I have been waiting for a good opportunity (read: somewhere outdoors when lots of energy and sugar would be burned off and the mess wouldn't matter to me) to let them indulge in their special treats and today was the day.  We met our other sitter and the "quad" family at a campground so that the kids could run around and play.  They really enjoyed their sugary treat and I was glad that we handed them out early in our visit so that there was plenty of time to play and get crazy.
I will share more pics from our fun day later, but thought that these pictures really told quite a "story."  I mean really, Mickey Mouse AND chocolate?!?!  That is a combo that just can't be beat!  Thanks Boris family!  And thanks B and quad family for letting us crash the campground for a few hours.  Hope that you all got in a good nap once we left. ;)

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